You are probably wondering what is a research report?

A research report is a paper that represents the results or a summary of your readings and investigations on a selected topic.
It is based on your own thoughts and the facts you have gathered from a variety of reliable sources.

IDEAS ANYONE?????......... Hmmmmmmmmm..... What about...........




Queen Nefertiti

Invention of the Light Bulb

Prehistoric Men


US Presidents

The Violin



History of Basketball


Step 1
A) Pick a topic of your choice.
To help you pick a topic, visit any of the following websites or click on the animated gifs (pictures):
(FYI: e.g. means "exempli gratia" in Latin - Translation: For example)

1. Enchanted Learning Writing Report Topics
2. US History Topics
3. Arts and Music Topics
4. World History Topics
5. Language Arts Topics (e.g. Famous Writers such as Shakespeare)
6. Mathematics Topics
7. Life Science Topics (e.g. human body, animals, cells, botany, diseases, etc.)
8. Earth Science Topics (e.g. Geology, oceans, climate change, etc.)
9. Physical Science Topics (e.g. Chemistry, molecules, nuclear science, electricity, energy, etc.)
10. Space Science Topics (e.g. Astronomy, aeronautics/flight, galaxies, planet quest, etc.)
11. Applied Science Topics (e.g. Computer science, technology, engineering, etc.)
12. Special Collection Topics

Now that you picked a topic........

READ lots of information about your topic.

Take out a SHEET of PAPER ... and..... a pencil or pen - Yes!!! Now, My Angelitos... and.....

SUMMARIZE your information (That means...... Rewrite it (paraphrase )
in YOUR OWN WORDS... YES, My Angelitos !!!! in YOUR OWN WORDS -
No PLAGIARISM !!! Please!!

Now you have enough information for your research report,
go to your space and start TYPING. Click here to see a
research report.

DO NOT forget to check spelling, punctuation and grammar.

ADD as many pictures, animations, charts and/or videos to your report.

The last part of a research report is to prepare a list of sources of information (e.g. books, encyclopedia, web/internet document) called Bibliography or Works Cited.

Click on the appropriate link to create your bibliographic citation and fill in the blanks:

1) Book
2) Encyclopedia
3) Magazine Article
4) Web/Internet Document

Copy and paste the citation on your research report.

Put in in alphabetical order.

Your bibliography or works cited should look like this: