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Period 3! {english}
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.Page # 1 ................ introduction!
.Page # 2 ................ how are trees made!?
.Page # 3 ................ how long it takes to grow a tree!?

.Page # 4 ................ trees in art!
.Page # 5 ................ the different types of trees!
.Page # 6 ................ the tallest trees!
.Page # 7 ................ the different kinds of leaves!
.Page # 8 ................ animals that inhabit a tree!
.Page # 9 .............. what we are doing to the world by cutting down trees!
.Page # 10 .............. what would happen if we cut down/or lost all the trees!
.Page # 11 ..............conclusion!!!!
.Page # 12 ..............bibliography!!!!

Trees are one of the most amazing things on this planet!
Trees provide us with the things we need to live.
They help the oxygen with the things that they provide.
Trees do so much more,than just providing us with the things that we need to live.
They are a beautiful landscape that make the things that are around them look better.
The leaves that grow on most of them are beautiful as well,and it is fun to rake up leaves,
and then jump in them,and do it all over again!
Some trees provide us with other things as well,some provide us with
maple syrup,acorns,hazel nuts,and a verity of different kinds of nuts,amongst other things as well!
The animals that inhabit the trees would have no place to live without the trees,
and i think most people like the animals that

live in the trees,and so that is another positive thing that trees do for us,and the animals that inhabit them!acacia_trees_giraffes.jpg are trees made!?
Trees are made by the process of which I call
growth,or photosynthesis.

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"The process by which plant cells use solar energy to produce ATP." "The conversion of unusable sunlight energy into usable chemical energy, associated with the actions of chlorophyll."Photosynthesis
To put that in lame men terms photosynthesis is when the leaves take in the sunlight,and convert that to energy!
When the tree gets old enough it might (if it does)produce fruit which we need and use to live,which is another thing that the amazing trees do for us!For the tree to fully grow it must be taken care of unless you have a hearty tree then you don't have to take care of it as much as you would need to for a less hearty one(one of the most hearty trees is the bougainvillea which is in the tree family)there for you should always look after a plant especially the tree!Trees symbolize life,and what life is,how life becomes,how life happens,ect!

.Page#3 how long it takes to grow a tree!
The amount of time it takes to grow a tree is how well you take care of the tree or trees,unless you have a independent tree which can take care of it's self with a little help from you.To take proper care of the tree you must have the following
.a supply of water for the tree.
.knowing where to which you are going to plant the tree/and or a pot.
.a rake if the tree to which you own produces leaves.
.clippers for when the tree gets big enough to trim if you want (if the tree even makes it that far.)
.bug spray /liquid in case if you run into any bugs or something with you're new companion.
.a name for you tree (try to think if the tree is male or female,by the bark or something,and try to relate the name to the type of tree to which you picked to be a part of you're family.)
.you might need to clear some furniture if the tree to which you picked is indoors.

The items to which i just stated are the items that you will need for you're new companion.You might want to get some music that you think you're new tree will like,and if they like it they will grow faster,and if it gets really cold you might want to cover up you're companion!Now if you do everything correctly the tree will have a fantastic life with you!You may want to talk to you're tree and see what it has to say back to you,you might be surprised!Some trees are taken care of greatly,and they still might wither away,if this does happen to you're tree then you might want to pick a different kind of tree,or simple try again with the same type(if happens again then you might want to change types!)So these are the things that you need to let you're tree live a long live with you(and some extra advice.)

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.Page#4 trees in art!

Trees in art can be found in alot of places,they are painted for their beauty,their landscape,and their magnifigcient colour.Some of the mot famouse painters paint trees,and they captur their life,and wisdom,they might paint them for different reasons but that is why i would do it,and most people too.If you listen you can learn alot from trees you just have to know where to be,and you have to listen hard enough!Some trees are put into paintings to make them look even more dramatic then they already are,blue,frustrating,confusing,moody,gay,enlighted,or something around thows kind of themes!
"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a
green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and
deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the

man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself."
If we did not have trees we just simple could not and would not have art!
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.Page#5 the different types of trees!

There are many different types of trees,but if you are wondering this because you can not decide on to which type of tree you should choose,then you should go to where you are going to get it,and then you should listen to the stories that they have to tell,or simple get a new seed,and then you can write their stories!
here are just some of the many kinds of trees that there are in the world....

external image uesc_10_img0583.jpg
the birch tree!

external image redwood4.jpg

the redwood trees!

external image 677366.jpg
oak trees!

external image eucalyptus_top.jpg
eucalyptus trees!

external image bonsai.jpg
bonsai trees!

Now all these trees are different types,and take different amounts of time for them to grow!All of them are different in different ways,but these are not all the different types of trees there are many more,and different colours,and leaves,and so on!The trees shown above are all different hights,leaves,and bark.

.Page#6 the tallest trees!

The tallest trees are probaly the great redwood trees,they are probaly the oldest ones,and the thickest trees!The redwood trees are really quite tall they stand hundreds if not more feet in the air!They are kinda' redish that is probaly to which why we call them REDwood trees!Redwood trees are famouse for lots of things,some people find one that are dead or they just find them and they think hey why dont i carve a hole in thish tree,and then that can be the new road(or if they fall over on the road.)They work like that too but do not cut them down you should just let them fall down or something like that!
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Some people climb these trees for the thrill of it!The trees smell quie nice they kind of smell like dew after a morning of mist or fog.The redwood trees are the biggest trees there are!

.Page#7 the different kinds of leaves!
there are many different types of leaves,there are big one,small,tall,short,thick,large,circular,different shapes,and colours!Some of the leaves hang on to their branches,and some may not hold on tight at all!Some leaves look like the tree to which they are on,and some standout like no other!The leaves are fun to jump in,after you rack them up,and then you can do it again and again.When you watch the leaves fall off the tree,in the windy wind you may see the adventure that they are going to go on after they leave their home.When the tree looses all of it's leaves then it will look bare,and then you can really see what the tree really looks like,and then when the new leaves come upon the tree there will be that whole thing over again,and again,ect!Some of the leaves might look so nice that you might want to take them off and put them in you're home(if it is fall or something like that.)When the leaves is on you're walls then they might shrivel up,or if you are lucky then they will look dead but still alive!Some leaves are leaves that you don't want to touch,because ounce you do you might get a rash,sickness,or something like that,so some leaves that you think might be poisnice,don't touch them or use them for other matters.



not pioson oak leaves!!!!

.Page#8 animals that inhabit a tree!
There are many different types of animals that inhabit a tree,some are small,some are tall,but not all,some live in the knought holes,some live in the root holes,like moles!The animals that live in the trees would probaly not be alive,if there homes were not here,and some animals help the trees live,like the wood peacker.Some of the animals that live in the trees are not always pretty,they are not always nice,cuddely,but that is their home so we should not do anything to the trees!
external image red-panda-in-tree.jpg
Some of the animals that live in the trees are almost exstinct!We should leave their home alone,like the endangered red panda siting on the branch this is their home!That is just one of the animals that live in trees,and the red panda is endangered!

.Page#9 what we are doing to the world by cutting down trees!
The things that we are doing are so amazingly horrible they are unthinkable!All the animals that live in the trees will die,and some are already die because of how many we have cut down!The world would not be the same the air cualidy would be alot worse(it is already horrible!)The rainforest would be gone the redwoods would be gone,and so on!We are making the world a even more horrible place then it already is!We are taking away our oxygen supplie little by little,and soon you dont want to know what will happen!
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we are making the world,NO we are taking the world from under our noses!

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we are making the world a non happier place to live,most people dontlike what we are doing but that is not enough people,we need more people to support what we want to stop cutting down trees,stop the mutiney,stop the madness!!!!STOP!!!!STOP!!!!STOP!!!!STOP!!!!just stop.

.Page#10 what will happen if we cut down/or loose all the trees
WE WILL ALL DIE,WE WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE,WE SHOULD BE PUNISHED AND WE WILL BE IF WE DO NOT STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES!!!!WE WILL SHRIVEL UP,AND CRAWL TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH TO FIND A PLACE TO DIE BUT THAT WILL NOT HELP WE WILL LOOSE OUR OXYGEN,AND WE WILL STOP BREATHING(trees help the oxygen flow,they help convert the oxygen,and if we cut them down WE WILL DIE like i staded we will watch and see!!!!)If we dont stop soon there will be no time to save the animals that we have almost lost!There will be no time to save us from the madness but we can try to make a difference in our lives by doing something that will help the trees help the rainforest!!!!Go to where you can buy trees,and buys ome,and do the tips,and then you can have you're own tree,and even that little bit will help us greatly,will the search for things we can ruine and destroy ever end I THINK IT WILL NEVER END AND THAT IS WHY I HATE THAT WE ARE EATTING THE ANIMALS THAT WE SHOULD BE TRYING TO SAVE,CUTTING DOWN THE TREES THAT HELP US SO MUCH,THEY HELP US TO LIVE,AND BREATH,THEY HELP US IN EVER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So why cant we do the same for them!!!!WHY!!!!WHY!!!!WHY!!!!why.
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.Page#11 conclusion!!!!
If we keep doing what we are doing then the people that live in the rainforest like ^^^^ the people that are already gone because of what we are doing!!!!(all of thows people that are up there have been killed by use!!!!)this is what we are doing,and all of these animals will be gone,if we keep doing what we are doing,if they are not already,most of thows animals are endangered!!!!WE ARE VERY VERY SICK WE NEED TO STOP DOING THIS TO THEM!!!!IF YOU FELT THE PAIN THAT THEY HAVE HAD TO DELT WITH!!!!Look what we have already done lets stop while there are still people left that are not in pain!!!!I learned all the pain and suffering that they have to go through,and how treess live,and the pain animals have trying to go to sleep not knowing if you are going to wake for the next arora,can you imagine that not knowing,being so afraid all the time!!!!I've also learned the different kinds of leaves,the ways you should take care of a tree,and ect.

.Page#12 bibliography!!!!
I just simply typed photosynthesis quotes,and then i clicked on a site,and then i copied the one that i wanted and that is all the information that i did not type my self!The pictures i got from different sites on the internet!I just typed in rainforst people,or dead rainforest people,anddead animals,animals that live in trees,some i typed in trees,oak trees,all the different kinds of trees i had to type in!)endangered animals,and things like that that have to do with trees,and what we are doing to the world by CUTTING THEM DOWN!!!!