Vanessa Avila
Period 6


Table of contents

Page 1..........Introduction
Page 2..........What kind of puppies there are?
Page 3..........What kind of food they eat?
Page 4..........How puppies talk?
Page 5..........What they do for people?
Page 6..........Why do puppies chew on shoes
Page 7..........Why do puppies have wet noses?
Page 8.......... The oldest your puppy live up too.
Page 9.........What do puppies dream about?
Page 10..........How many puppies are there in the world?
Page 11..........Conclusion

Introduction........ Page 1

I am going to talk about puppies. I will be talking about What kind there are. Also what they eat. There will be one talking about what they do for people. Also will be talking about why puppies chew shoes. And I am alos talking about why do puppies have wet noses. And also they live up to and what they dream about when they go to sleep. I will be also telling you about how many are there in the world.


What kind of puppies there are?........Page 2

There are many kinds of puppies. There are sporting, hounds, working, terriers, toy, non-sporting, herding puppies. For one of the sporting puppies are an American Water Spaniel. These puppies are found in the USA. These puppies are a skillful hunter. There are also hounds. One hound are the basset hounds.They are usually found in France. These hounds are very long but low to the floor. There are also working puppies. One of the working puppies are rottweilers. They are mostly found in Germany. These puppies where brought to be a guard. But sometimes they can be mean. There are also terriers. One of the terriers are the American Staffordshire terrier. They are mostly found in England and USA. They are the strongest from all the puppies. There are also toy puppies. One of the toy puppies are Chihuahuas. They are small and never grow. These puppies are found mostly in Mexico. And those are a couple of these cute puppies.

What kind of food they eat?........Page 3

Puppies are cute and can eat. But they can not eat everything we eat because dogs eat mostly everything we eat. But when they are small doggies which are puppies they can't eat everything we eat. When are born and they are babies they mostly drink milk. But up to the fivth week they can starteating baby food for puppies. They mostly eat something that is soft so they won't hurt there teeth. There are lots of thing that puppies like. You can also give them a couple of things we eat like bread but it has to be soft.


How Puppies talk?..........Page 4

People say that they know how to speak but they don't want to. They can speak but if you understand them. But now they just bark. But sometime they are barking at you and sometimes theyn are barking at you because they are mad at you. But most of the time it is giving a message to the dog family. Barking can also mean that something is wrong and you should check it out. Usually a kind of bark is where they bark two or three times and then a space. But when they are little that mostly means that it is cring or sad. And when they are at a new home they usually bark because they are usually scared because they don't know the place.


What they do for people?...........Page 5

Puppies are very cute and they can do lots of things for people. They can make people laugh by doing funny things. And they can make people smile when they are sad. They can also do things for blind people. They can help them get things. Puppies can also help blind peple walk mostly everywhere. Puppies can be your best friend. Puppies start knowing you and that is where become best friends. When they are born they know a little bit of things like puppies and people can become friends and that is where people and puppies love each other. People, dogs, and puppies have been friends a long time. They been friends over 14,000 years. people and puppies been friends a long time because back then people would find mostly find animal bones. Dogs and puppies have mostly found human body parts.

Why do puppies chew on shoes?.......Page 6

Puppies want to explore the world like us because they don't have hands. So puppies explore the world with there ears, eyes, nose and mouth. And ocne puppies have a shoe in there mouth they don't want to give it back because they find it something to explore and good to taste. One reasons they chew on shoes is because when they have the shoe for a long time they think it is food. One other reason why they chew on shoes is because thier baby teeth and they are growing. There gums are itchy so when they chew on the shoe it feels better. You can also give puppies a frozen rag or cloth from the freezer and when they chew it it makes it better for them. So when it starts to get wet freezes it again and that will be there everlasting chew toy.

Why do puppies have wet noses?.......Page 7

They have wet, cold noses. They have two reasons why they have wet, cold noses. One is to keep them cool. So when they are hot they pants so water evaporates from his/her mouthand his/her wet noses to keep him/her noses cool. The other reason whyn they have wet cold noses is because they can pick things up with wet noses. So it is like a wet cloth picking up dust. So they are picking up chemicals from the air. And they love picking up good smells. And like checking new things around the world. Like one cloth picks up dust better than one that is dry.So the nose is the same thing like a cloth but instead of a wet cloth it is a puppies nose that is wet and picks up air chemicals instead of dust.

The oldest your puppy lived up too?.........Page 8

There are many puppies but how old has your puppy lived up to. There are ancient puppies and dogs. There are paintings and carvings of puppies and dogs and they are found in Egypt that are mostly about 3,000 years old. These paintings and carving are mostly of greyhounds and salukis that some old dogs and puppies. Greyhound came from a mistake in translating the early german name Greishun. Greishund means "old" or "ancient" dogs. Saluki is Arabic for "noble one." these images look almost like two breeds look today. People think that they don't grow and look the same. But people are wrong because puppies change into dogs and they get different when they get order.

What do puppies dream about?.......Page 9

When puppies go to sleep they dream about things but do you know what they are dreaming about. All animals have this special part in their brain that keeps them from acting out their dreams and also people have that part of the body. But if scienticts stop that part of the brain people and animals can start doing actions from their dreaming. So when doggy dream they dream about doggy things.

How many puppies are there in the world?.........Page 10

There are many dogs and puppies in the world ut how many dogs and puppies are in the world. If you add the people in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and France you will get the total of how many puppies and dogs in the world. The best guess is 400 million. But you don't know the excat thing because there are puppies and dogs homeless.

Conclusion................Page 11

That is the end of the story about puppies. And that is about how many puppies do everything.