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Hamsters are cute animals becuase they have soft fur .During winter they stay by losing their fur and groing new fur.Hamster love to play in there little ball aroud the house.Somtimes their fun to play with on your hand .Hamster are so fun to play with because they fit in the pam of your hand.The hamster poop on you ,so be extra careful or they will bite you .Be extra careful not to drop them on the floor.They only live for about 2-3 years.Some die at early age because some don't survive that long.


The hamster love to eat SUNFLOWER SEEDS, CORN,LETTUCE,AND DIFFERENT OTHER KINDS OF SEEDS.Hamster eat what they find in the wild.The hamster always share their food with other hamster.They sleep together after they eat all they can find.the most favorite is the sunflower seeds.They always bite the seeds to eat what in side the seed . Also when feeding the animal don't foget to give it some greens food.Always feed it some food and water.Hamster like it when you feed them some seeds to them.



Hamster are sometimes eating by snakes other don't get eating. hamster try to stay away from snakes.
hamster try to get away some are to late. hamster are so small that they can hide in small places that snakes can't find them.Hamster are most in common for the snakes.

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Having babies

Hamster are very active all the way up to birth.She becomes restless.They start to breathe rapidly than usuals.They change their activity to the other.She start to make a nest for her pups. She eats alot before birth to her new babies.When ready to give birth she gets into her nest.The mother hamster sites up and crouches over to deliver her pups.The mother hamster build the best nest for her pups.In nine days the pups is fully have fur.Baby hamster by ten days their eyes opens.

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Hamster need to have their water change every two days.If you don't change their they will get sick.Somtimes the baby get sick they will die early if you don't change their water.Water is the most inportant thing to drink for the babies and the mother.The hamster always drink water most of the day. The water vget dirty because of the germs that they leave behind.If the water is dirty sometimes the y don't drink.Always make sure to change their water.
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The best way to keep your hamster clean is to give it a dust bath.If your hamster has something sticky or toxic find a diffrent way to wash your hamster.only put two inches of warm water and a little of dust and put in for about ten second.The draft hamster is two inches of cold water.external image hamster011hi3.jpg


health problems

Hamster can contracts a vartiety of bacter,rail,and fungal ifections.they may be troubled by extranal [skin,haur,ears,]and internal[intalation]prarsites.they may also sufferfrom noncontagios medical condition,such as cancerdaidetes,and genetic disorder.If your hamster is sick take it to the veterinian to answer you question.

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Hamster need to excerise.They work out in a vareity of ways ,sitting running,jumping,digging ,climbing,and grooming.If you hamster live in the wild it would cover alot of ground it would have cover food and water and dig alot of tunnels during their hours.The hamster in its little ball or in its little hamster wheel.It either needs a hamster cage ,a really big yhamster cage so it can run or walk.They always enjoy of the hamster ball.The hamster ball or wheel its wheel is a great way for them to exercise.

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All the thing in the story is the way of taking care of your hamster or draft hamster.All the hamster need to be taking care of them.never forget to read the story so then you now how to take care of all the boys and girls that are hamster.There are diffrent kind of hamster.This are the story of the hamsters.THE END.

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