Table of Contents
Page1. . . . . . . introduction
Page2. . . . . . . What is a panda
Page3. . . . . . .Where do they live
Page4. . . . . . .What do they eat
Page5. . . . . . . What is there species
Page6. . . . . . . Why are they endangered
Page7. . . . . . . Conclusion
Page8. . . . . . . Bibliography
Page1 Introduction
I picked my report on Pandas because I think there cute. Also because they are one of the most popular animals in the world. I think it is interesting to do a report on them. I also picked them because i didn't know what to do my report on and i thought this would be interesting. That's why I picked pandas.external image Picture%205.pngexternal image Picture%205.pngPicture_5.png
Page2 What is a panda
The panda is arguably one of the most appealing mammals on earth. It is related to other bear species, but genetic research suggests a split about 40,000 years ago that resulted in the panda having an elungated wrist bone similar to a thumb.
Page3 Where do they live
The panda is endemic to the bamboo forests of East Asia or China. They also live in caves. It lives in China because that is where the bamboo is.
Page4 What do they eat
Pandas eat primarily bamboo, but eat various grasses, berries, flowers, and tree bark as well. They also eat fish and small rodents if they come near. They eat meat that has been killed by someone else. This type of diet makes the panda omnivorous, as oppose to purely herbivorous.
Page5 What is there species
The panda is an endangered species. But it is related to other bear species.
Page6 Why are they endangered
They are endangered because it is difficult to caculate exactly how many pandas are left, but an estimate 800 live in the wild and roughly 100 live in captivity, mostly in zooz, breeding centres, and special reserves in China. There is a big risk they will became extinct.
Page7 Conclusion
In conclusion Pandas are great animals but they could get extinct. That would be really sad. They eat mostly bamboo. They live in caves in china.
Page8 Bibliography
I got my information at