By:yesenia Garcia


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2......................Where Do Butterflies Live?

3......................Butterfly Body Parts

4......................Mouth Parts and Eating

5......................Eyes and Seeing

6......................Antennae and sensing

7......................Wings and flying

8......................Inside a butterfly

9.....................from egg to caterpillar

10.....................Migrating Butterflies


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Butterflies are insects. Insects have six legs, and no bones inside their body. Their bodies have hard water proof skin. This skin is called exoskeleton. Butterflies have four wings. Butterflies have two seperate stages i n their lives. The colorful insect that flies flower to flower is the adult stage. Butterflies exist in an entirely different form early in life. They hatch as caterpillars from eggs laid by female butterflies.

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Where do Butterflies Live

Butterflies are found in many different parts of the world. They live in mountains and cold regions, in dry deserts, and in wet lands. They also live in towns and cities. The habitats with the most butterfly species are tropical rain forests. These habitats are warm and have plenty of food.


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Butterfly body parts

=The butterflies body has three main parts. These are the head the thorax, and the abdomen. All butterflies have four large wings. The head has two feelers, called antennae, two eyes, and the mouth part called probosis each antenna is long and thin.The thorax is where the butterflys wings and legs are attached. There are stong muscles in the thorax. Butterflies neeed these muscles to flap their large wings.

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Mouthparts and eating

Butterflies drink nectar. Nectar is a high-energy food because it has sugar in it. A butterfly needs plenty of energy to fly. Some plants have many flowers with lots of nectar. Butterflies also drink juice from ripe fruit and sap from plants. A butterfly has no jaws so it cannot eat solid food. It sucks liquid though a hollow tube called the probosics.It works like drinking from a straw. To drink, the butterfly dips the end of its proboscis into the nectar.

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eyes and seeing

eyes and seeing

A butterfly sight helps it to find flowers it also helps male butterflies find a mate. Butterflies are quite short-sighted which means that the cannot see very far. A butterfly has two large compound eyes each eye is made up of 6,000 very small eyes. Each small eye faces in a slightly different direction. Together, these small give the butterfly an excellent view to the front, side, and back.

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Antennae and sensing

=A butterfly has two feelers called antennae on its head. The antennae are used to sense the world around it . Smells that float though the air are picked up by the antennae. The smell of nectar or fruit tells the butterfly where to fly to find the food. Antennae are also used to find mates . A male , flaps his wings into the air . A female that is ready mate , senses these smells with her antennae .

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Wings & Flying

Wings & Flyin

Butterflies have four wings all attached to the Thorax .Strong muscles inside the Thorax , move buttterflies' wings up and down .Butterflies beat their wings quite slowly . Some species can even glide with just a few flaps now and then . The front edge of each wing is stiff . This helps the wing slice thru the air . The rest of the wing is like a snail , helping to push the air aside , this keeps the butterfly in the air .

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Inside a Butterfly

Butterflies have blood that is clear and a heart shaped like a tube .


A butterfly's blood moves through the spaces in its body . It travels from the head throgh the thorax and into the abdomen . From there , the butterfly's heart pumps it forward again .

How do Butterflies get air ?

A Butterfly gets air through tiny holes called Spiracles . There about ten spiracles down each side of a butterflies body .

What happens to the food ?

When a butterfly drinks nectar , the liquid moves down to the butterflies stomach . It is then broken

down to release nutrients .

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From Egg to Caterpillar

A female butterfly lays her eggs on plants in some species , the females fly along and let the eggs

drop in otherspecies . The female places groups of eggs on the undersides of leaves . There they are

hidden from predators .


Most butterfly eggs hatch a few days after being laid . The eggs of some species may go though winter befpre hatching in spring. When eggs do hatch, tiny caterpillars come out. This is called the Larvel stage.

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Migrating Buutterflies

Some butterflies travel, or migrate, great distances. The monarch butterfly flies the farthest of all.

Flying South

Every fall, millions of monarchs in north america gather in huge groups called swarms. They have drunk plenty of nectar and to get ready for the long flight. The swarms fly south to mexico, california and florida, where the weather is warm. They travel about 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometers) in just a few weeks. the monarch swarms settle on trees and sleep though the winter.